Testimonial regarding Satellite Sec by London Pain Clinic

Satellite Sec and London Pain Clinic

Paperless practice

Satellite Sec has been with London Pain Clinic from the outset and thanks to them, we now run a virtually paperless practice. Confidentiality and security of data is paramount to us and we know that our clients and their personal information is in very safe hands.

Digital dictation, encryption and online file stores

From digital dictation and encryption to secure online file stores and diaries, Satellite Sec has it covered, allowing us the confidence to concentrate on the care of our clients.

High quality service- accurate and reliable

Satellite Sec provides us with a second to none service, from the manner in which our clients are dealt with to the flexibility of the service they offer. Their efficiency, reliability and accuracy give us peace of mind that our clients are in the best possible hands. Indeed, many of our clients comment on the personable, friendly service they have received.

We foresee that our business relationship with Satellite Sec will be a very long, and happy one.

Dr C A Jenner, Director of London Pain Clinic www.londonpainclinic.com