Testimonial about Satellite Sec by St Marys Hospital, London Department of Pain Medicine



Satellite Sec and St Marys Hospital, London Department of Pain Medicine

Satellite sec to the rescue!

When we approached Satellite Sec for help, our admin was in a pretty sorry state. We had a vast amount of outstanding dictated tapes, which were in no particular order. This was beginning to impact on patient care and we needed to resolve the problem fast. Talk about Superman to the rescue!

Eradication of departmental backlog of dictation

Within a couple of weeks, Satellite Sec had completely eradicated the back log and turned the department around. We were so impressed, we decided to ‘go digital’ and outsource all the department’s dictation to Satellite Sec on a permanent basis; we have never looked back.

Fast turn-around of patient letters

Now, it is not unusual for our dictated letters to be in hospital notes and back in the library the day after a clinic attendance. The speed and accuracy of the dictation is amazing; I’ve never known the admin to be so up to date. Satellite Sec provides us with a friendly, efficient and fast dictation service – just what the doctor ordered!

Megan Ramsey, Nurse Manager, Pain Clinic, St Mary’s Hospital, London