Patient Testimonials about London Pain Clinic (2)

Patient Testimonials for London Pain Clinic (2)

Patient Testimonial 3

When I first contacted the London Pain Clinic, I was at my wits end. Having exhausted all resources in my local area, it seemed I was unable to get any help from anywhere.

My case was extremely complex and difficult but Dr Jenner was able to provide a good, accurate diagnosis and subsequent treatment, allowing me to make a speedy recovery. I am now back to my old self and enjoying life to the full again.

DR, Scotland. March 2007

Patient Testimonial (4)

I have been in constant pain for the last two years, failing to respond to all medical treatments and finally giving up on getting better and having a normal life again.

Then I met Dr Jenner, who impressed me with his professionalism, kindness and smile. He called me by my first name and listened carefully to my story, taking care of my case. It is amazing how these simple things can make such a big difference.

I felt like an individual and not an NHS number. Dr Jenner talked me through the possible solutions and I felt reassured by his clear words, calm voice and plans for my treatment. After undergoing some of these treatments, my medical condition has finally started to improve.

SL, London. April 2007

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