Patient Testimonial for London Pain Clinic

Testimonial of patient treated for neuropathic pain by London Pain Clinic

Dear Dr Jenner,

As it is three weeks since I came to see you I thought it was time to give you a progress report.

Firstly thank you for seeing me in the first place and for your concern about my foot pain – much appreciated.

Thank you also for sending me a copy of your letter of 10 May to my GP , Dr XXX, which correctly summarises my situation. Incidentally, did you receive any further information from your Clinical Biochemist colleague as mentioned in your Post Script?

I welcomed too, the follow up call from your Practice Manager, Geraldine, and no doubt she passed on the message that ‘so far so good’.

To bring you fully up to date, yesterday was the end of the second week of my starting on Pregablin and as you prescribed I have just commenced the increased dose.

Improvements on medication

I have been cautious in saying anything about an improvement prematurely, but now that I am into the third week I hope this is still not too soon to report some progress.

You will be pleased to know that on taking the first capsule I noticed an immediate improvement with a lessening of the pain. This on the whole has continued so that I now get a better night’s rest and more sleep and interestingly much less foot pain during the day so that I am now able to spend much more time on my feet walking around town or in the garden.

Pain reduction

I still get some nerve pain late in the evening and during the night – but not to the extent that of causing the level of real discomfort that I previously was experiencing and worsening.

I am glad to say that I have so far suffered no major physical side effects apart from my eyesight being more blurred than previously without spectacles, irritability/lethargy and a tendency to “nod off” in the afternoon if I am sitting down relaxing. I am sure I can get over the last two – but with regard to my eyes should I be thinking of bringing forward my regular eye examination?

I am certainly going to continue with Pregablin.

Lastly, is it safe to take aspirin etc. for usual minor ailments e.g. headaches, colds, flu?

Please let me know if a further consultation would be useful – otherwise I will continue to keep you informed of my situation. Many thanks


London, UK

Patient of London Pain Clinic