Patient Testimonial about pain and London Pain Clinic

Pain has changed my life completely!

“Pain has changed my life completely! A sudden move or even laughing aloud can cause lots of discomfort to me. My medical condition has limited my functions and taken my happiness away.

Dr. Christopher Jenner

I’ve been under the care of Dr. Jenner and the great assistance of Ms Geraldine for quite some time.

The Reassurance of London Pain Clinic

It feels reassuring that they are always there to answer my questions and doubts and I am so grateful for their care and support. I wish there were more people like them!

Improvement in Pain

Since I’ve started my medical treatments with Dr. Jenner, my condition have gradually improved and so my quality of life. And most important for me I can function better at work. It was my biggest worry, being so young,not being able to follow my career and having people around feeling sorry for me.

I never really knew what “seeing the light at the end of the tunnel” meant until I met Dr. Jenner and his team; I’ve started to hope for a brighter future for me.”

LD London 2008