FAQs on Spinal and Muscular Pain: What You Need to Know

“Back pain is extremely common. Our backs are an intricate structure comprising bones, muscles, nerves & joints. “The hurt can stem from sore muscles, ligaments, & tendons, or from herniated disks, fractures, & other problems in our upper, middle, & lower back. Sometimes we feel the effects right away. But in many cases, back problems develop over time” [1]. Getting an accurate diagnosis & Holistic Personalise Treatment Plan from an experienced Pain Specialist, is crucial to ensure that we’re back on track as quickly as possible. Moreover, it can potentially prevent permanent degeneration

How Can I Spot a Musculoskeletal Disorder?

•Feeling anything between a slight twinge and severe pain
•Experiencing a constant dull ache to a sharp sudden pain which makes moving difficult
•Pain which comes on rapidly, or gradually worsens if you 1: lift something which is extremely heavy, or 2: fall over [1].

What Are the Most Common Symptoms Related to Back Pain?

As your Pain Doctor will tell you: generally speaking, even though back pain can be felt anywhere along the spine from the cervical (neck) region right down to the hips, it is most often experienced in the lower back (lumbar) region [1].

Back pain symptoms comprise:
•Stiffness, soreness and tension
•Muscle spasms
•Aching muscles
•Experiencing restricted flexibility or range of motion across your back
•Pain running down your legs [1].

Note: if you are aware of any of these symptoms, and they keep recurring, book an appointment with a Pain Consultant as soon as possible.

What Risk Factors Can Increase the Likelihood of Back Pain?

There is quite a long list, and your Pain Specialist will inform you about what you can do to ameliorate your condition, such as lose weight, avoid heavy lifting, improve your standing and sitting posture, quit smoking, and keep physically fit.

There are however, elements which cannot be changed, such as ageing and degenerative conditions. But the good news is that there are potential remedies. – Successful innovative treatments such as Nerve Blocks, have now become the go-to treatment for countless patients who are determined to live their best lives. Nerve blocks are administered by a Pain Doctor to ameliorate pain which emanates from the spine, as well as debilitating pain that impacts the legs, arms, neck, and buttocks.


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