London Pain Clinic: Second Opinion Service

London Pain Clinic: Second Opinion Service

Many patients are initially reluctant to opt for a second opinion because they worry that the pain consultant that they have been seeing may feel undermined by any prognosis that is delivered after a second opinion has been sought.

However patients should not worry about this. All consultants working in the field of medicine have only one goal and that is to achieve a positive outcome for patients and in the field of pain management the positive outcome sought is the alleviation of pain.

Why Is A Second Opinion Sometimes Required?

In pain management many patients will have pain that is known as refractory in the sense that it does not respond to traditional (conservative) treatment. This means that the patient has no relief from pain and no positive outcome can be achieved.

A second opinion is simply a fresh pair of eyes looking at a problem, perhaps from a new perspective or asking questions in a new way and sometimes this can shed new light on what may be the root of the problem.

The Problem of Communication

Any consultation that takes place relies heavily on communication. This is two way communication between the consultant and the patient. The consultant relies on the patient to respond to questions and the patient will answer the questions put to them as honestly and openly as possible.

Although diagnostic tests are also used extensively to diagnose pain, communication remains key to consultations.

However, sometimes communication can also act as a barrier. Although a consultant may be asking all the %u2018right%u2019 questions, for whatever reason, the patient may not respond in a way that assists the consultant in ascertaining what can be done to help the patient. This is not the fault of the consultant or the patient, but is merely indicative of two people not being on the same %u2018wave length%u2019.

A second opinion, with new questions and fresh eyes can often elicit responses that help get to the root of the problem quickly and efficiently.

Experts In Our Field

At London Pain Clinic we are leaders in our field, which make us the ideal place to seek a second opinion and achieve positive outcomes for our patients.

This is not to say that other pain consultants are inexperienced or wrong, but it simply reflects the fact that we have many years experience dealing with some of the most complex and difficult pain cases, not just in the UK but with patients who seek out our expertise from abroad.

Our range of diagnostic expertise and equipment is excellent and we also provide a holistic service, where we treat the patient as a whole and use different treatment methods, including alternative medicine, where we feel that is appropriate.

So for an absolutely expert and patient focussed second opinion service, London Pain Clinic are happy to help and ensure that patients%u2019 pain is eased and that a positive outcome is achieved for everyone. If you are experiencing significant levels of pain and no positive outcome has been achieved, then you really should seek a second opinion to ensure that you give yourself every option for a pain free life!