Vista –Affordable, Accessible and Assured MRI


Vista –Affordable, Accessible and Assured MRI

Vista – An Introduction

Vista is a state-of-the-art diagnostic centre, offering super-specialty MRI scans.

Equipped with the latest in imaging technology, the professionals at Vista function with the following multi-fold objectives:




To improve the accuracy of diagnosis To prevent disease and facilitate early treatment To help society by reducing the overall cost of healthcare



The Basics

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a form of medical investigation in which scanning is done using strong magnet and radio frequency waves to generate 3D images of the human body.

An MRI scan is one of the most sophisticated modern diagnostic tools to help diagnose the cause of specific health issues.

Vista – Key Features

The outstanding services provided by the Vista group are well-known for the basic set of features. These include:



Accessibility – Visitors are offered a great choice, with the services being available 13 hours a day, 7 days a week. The centre is located at a convenient, easy to reach location, opposite London Waterloo Station.



Affordability – The Vista group offers a lower cost per scan than the others do by spreading the costs across a greater number of appointments, thus increasing the feasibility to the visitor.


Besides, Vista also offers Medico Legal Agencies a range of bespoke payment arrangements.


Assurance – Appointments are available immediately on approach on daily basis and all scans are reported within 24 hours.



In addition, the expert team of the Vista group includes NHS-affiliated radiologists, skilled radiographers and eminent medical advisers in radiology, orthopedics, neurology, surgery and clinical governance.

The Vista group also offers an additional range of attractive features. The most prominent amongst these are the esteemed private medical insurers including AIG HealthNOW, CIGNA International, Axa PPP Healthcare, Standard Life Healthcare and the like.


Diagnostic Areas

With the use of its sophisticated techniques and equipment, the Vista group offers a wide range of services. By studying the scan of various body parts, the radiologists at the Vista group can successfully diagnose the following medical conditions.




Brain ailments, including tumors and dementias Sports injuries Musculoskeletal problems Vascular abnormalities of the kidneys Spinal conditions/injuries Female pelvic problems Ailments of gastro-intestinal tract Prostate problems Soft tissue and bone Ear, nose and throat (ENT) conditions



The Procedure

The Vista group offers a patient-centric range of services, aimed at providing optimum comfort and security to the patient. The state-of-the-art sophisticated equipment ensures that you get the best of facilities and comfort.

Here we give you a brief insight into the procedure of the MRI scan offered by the Vista group.



Prior to the Scan


To begin with, you will be required to register at the reception and furnish all the important details. Once done, you will have a short interaction with one of the radiographers who will brief you about the scanning process and take up a final safety check.

You will be required to remove all jewellery items, watches, hearing aids, electronic gadgets, pagers, credit card and mobile phones from your possession before you proceed into the scanning room. Each one of these will be locked in safely for your convenience.


The Process


Once you have changed and are ready for the actual process, you will be escorted by the radiographer to the MRI scan room and made comfortable on the MRI couch.

A special receiver coil will be placed around the body part to be examined and you will be positioned comfortably within the magnet. Throughout the process, you will be able to communicate with the radiographer conducting the scan. You will also be able to request for a pair of headphones with music, in case you feel the need.

Vista’s state-of-the-art 1.5Y Toshiba MRI offers up to 90% quieter services than other scanners. The wider and shorter scanner offers a much more comfortable experience, especially for the larger and claustrophobic patients.


After the process


After the process is over, you will be handed over a CD with images from your scan. One of the professionals at Vista will then a generate report within 24 hours, which will be later issued to your clinician.


Safety Measures

For patient safety, Vista does not undertake scanning of certain individuals, primarily owing to the powerful magnetic force involved in producing an MRI scan.

Patients in the following conditions are generally not enrolled for a scan:




With a cardiac pacemaker Having clips in the head from brain operations .i.e. aneurysm clips With cochlear (ear) implant Having a metallic foreign body in the eye Having a programmable shunt for hydrocephalus