Products for Sports Injuries at Elastoplast Sport

Products for Sports Injuries at Elastoplast Sport


Elastoplast Sport is a web-based service provider of products related to prevention and cure of physical injuries and other allied services.

At its official website, the, the company offers a vast range of products to choose from. In addition, the website also has on offer hoards of advice for preventing and curing everyday physical injuries, ranging from sports injuries to those that occur in the general everyday routine.

Range of Services

Elastoplast Sport offers a huge range of products and services through its medium at the internet. Here we list some of the core facilities offered through the website.

Support Products – Elastoplast Sports offers the reader information about a vast range of support products. From knee stabilizers to ankle supports, you can find a whole range of products designed to protect and heal common injuries.

Health Advice – At, you will be able to find immensely practical and helpful advice on treating a diverse range of common injuries. These include:

Knee injuries, including cartilage problems, collateral and cruciate ligament damage, Runners Knee, Jumpers Knee etc. Thigh injuries, including problems with quads and hamstrings Ankle injuries, including sprains and Achilles tendon problems Hand injuries, including thumb and finger sprain Wrist injuries, including tendonitis Elbow injuries, including tennis elbow

Injury Analysis – This facility is helpful for those who are unable to decide what product is best for them. Injury Analysis also helps the reader to understand his/her injury in a much better manner.

Lifestyle – This section offers an immensely helpful set of advice on how to maintain a healthy and injury-free lifestyle. It also offers you helpful tips on how to eat healthy and practice relaxation techniques.

First Aid Products – This section gives information about sprays and other medications along with general information on handling everyday injuries, such as insect bites, bruises, nosebleeds etc.

Store Locator – This facility helps the reader to conveniently locate a nearby store to enable him/her to purchase any of the products offered on the website.

Sports Products

Elastoplast Sport provides a full range of products designed to provide relief from the discomfort of everyday injuries. These products have been designed to enable the affected individual to restore normal activity at the earliest possible, whether the injury is minor, major or severe.

The products offered at Elastoplast Sport can be basically classified into various types, in accordance with the body part they cater to and the function they perform.

Here we discuss each of these products in detail to give the reader a deep insight into the benefits of each one of them.


Ankle Stabilizer

These adjustable ankle stabilizers are meant to be used after ankle injuries or long periods of immobilization to provide extra support during a sporting activity, helping to prevent re-injury. The easy to fit sleeve design makes the Ankle Stabilizer easy to use and comfortable to be worn under shoes and trainers.

Everyday Ankle Support

The Everyday Ankle Support is highly suitable for recent and healing injuries. It has been suitably designed to compress and support the injured joints to protect the affected area from further damage. The adjustable strap system and Velcro make this product very comfortable for everyday use.

Elastoplast Sport Neoprene Ankle Supports

The Elastoplast Sport adjustable Neoprene Ankle Supports are extensively used for supporting the tissues that have been injured recently and healing them. Designed using skin-friendly, neoprene wet suit fabric, this product is extremely comfortable to use, being easy to wear, re-usable and washable.


Knee Stabilizer

The adjustable Knee Stabilizer is designed to provide extra firm support while playing or indulging in any physical activity. The rigid support and dual side stabilizers help to keep the knee firmly supported while limiting the medial and lateral motion, thus preventing re-injury and promoting healing.

Everyday Knee Supports

The Elastoplast Everyday Knee Support has been especially designed using a four way stretch technology for comfort. The unique and slip-proof anatomical shape offers an excellent support to the muscles, ligaments and kneecap, providing ultimate protection to the knee.

Elastoplast Sport Neoprene Knee Supports

The adjustable Neoprene Supports are an excellent remedy for injured and healing tissues. They work by supporting joints and muscles, more firmly than elasticated supports. By keeping the area warm, this product aids faster healing of common and minor sports injuries such as sprains and bruises.

Elastoplast Sport Knee Cap

Designed to protect the kneecap during a sporting activity, this product features a pressure pad that puts gentle pressure on the tendon below the kneecap, relieving pain and supporting the patella. It is made from skin-friendly, moisture-wicking material for an added comfort.


Everyday Wrist Supports

The Elastoplast Sport Everyday Wrists Supports are designed to gently compress and support the injured joints. The unique double strap system with Velcro gives this product an added comfort and provides faster healing.

Elastoplast Sport Neoprene Wrist Supports

The Elastoplast Sport Neoprene Wrist Supports work by firmly supporting the joints and muscles. It keeps the affected area warm in order to aid faster healing of common and minor sports injuries.


Elastoplast Sport Tennis Elbow Support

Designed specifically to treat the effects of Tennis or Golfer’s Elbow, the Elastoplast Sport Tennis Elbow Support features a tendon pad cushion designed to apply gentle, targeted pressure to the tendons below the elbow. This further helps to alleviate pain and firmly support the elbow and forearm area.

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