London Pain Clinic Announces Cutting-Edge Vulva Pain Clinic

“Finally, Women With Vulvodynia & Chronic Vulva Pain, Can Get Their Lives Back On Track Thanks to Highly Experienced, Sympathetic Pain Specialists & Personalised Multi-Treatment Protocols”

LONDON, ENGLAND: The London Pain Clinic today announced their innovative state-of-the-art Vulva Pain Clinic. The latter offers vulvodynia suffers a revolutionary, positive approach to tackling the issues which the majority of general practitioners (GPs) have not received the necessary specialised training in. – The latter of which can mean not getting the right treatment; and not only can this leave patients suffering for years on end, it can even cause relationship breakdowns.

Statement From the Founder & Clinical Director

In response to countless Vulvodynia suffers who make regular enquires to the clinic, the Founder and Clinical Director, Dr Chris Jenner, stated: “There is now no need to continue to suffer. As the go-to doctors when pain is the barrier to rehabilitation, both myself and the other highly experienced award-winning consultants at the Vulva Pain Clinic, utilise the most advanced diagnostics to ensure that we get to the root of the problem. We will then work together with you to create a holistic, Personal Treatment Plan to beat your pain.”

What’s On Offer

The Vulva Pain Clinic’s high profile medical team, have extensive experience with pain management, and are among the few physicians in the world who have an in-depth understanding of Vulvodynia and other chronic vulvar pain conditions which negatively impact countless women in the UK, and around the world.

The clinic, which is based in central London (to allow easy access), offers a second-to-none, fully comprehensive diagnostic, treatment, and referral service for all women, regardless of their type of vulvar pain condition. After an initial consultation, (either in person, or via an online video link), in some instances, the clinicians may recommend additional imaging and blood work, This is to ensure that the patient’s vulvar pain is correctly diagnosed, and that they are given the best possible treatment. Moreover, part of patients’ holistic Personalised Treatment Plan may include referrals to various specialists, such as physical therapists who specialise in vulva pain.

Making Things Easy

The London Vulvar Pain Clinic serves both insured and self-pay patients. The administration team are there to help, and can provide self-pay estimates for all forms of vulva care. Further, in the case of those who have medical insurance, the team can provide details about how to confirm coverage and costs with insurance carriers.