Dr. Christopher Jenner

Dr. Christopher Jenner


Dr. Christopher A. Jenner, MBBS, FRCA is the Director of London Pain Clinic, a multidisciplinary team dedicated to the management of painful conditions, particularly of the spinal origin.

The Services

At London Pain Clinic, the core aim is to provide pain-relief and rehabilitation, leading to an early restoration of a productive life.

For best results, the specialists strive to achieve this goal through the use of the latest pain management techniques in conjunction with evidence-based medicine.

Working in conjunction with an Orthopedic Spinal Surgeon, Mr. Mo Akmal, Dr. Jenner along with his team of professionals provides a diverse range of treatments and pain management solutions.

Here we list the main amongst them:

Conservative Treatment Medication Invasive Pain management Physical Rehabilitation Therapy Alternative Therapy Surgery Advanced Pain Management Procedures Psychological Therapy

In addition, the specialists at London Pain Clinic also specialize in the treatment of spine conditions, including:

Acute lower back pain Chronic lower back pain Discogenic pain Facet joint pain Facet joint syndrome Lower back pain Prolapsed disc scoliosis Spinal stenosis Thoracic outlet syndrome

The specialists at London Pain Clinic also treat some of the painful conditions that often coexist with the pain of spinal origin, including:

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Frozen shoulder Fibromyalgia Myofascial Pain Syndrome Neuropathic pain Musculoskeletal pain

At London Pain Clinic, the process of treatment for each patient begins with an initial thorough assessment, followed by detailed planning of treatment modalities for that particular patient.

The Credentials

Dr. Jenner is a Specialist Consultant in Pain Management at St Mary’s Hospital, Paddington, London. He is also a Lecturer at Imperial School of Medicine, London, working in both, the NHS and Private sectors.

Having gained his initial qualification at The London Hospital Medical College in 1995, Dr. Jenner further moved on for training in Anesthesia at The London and St. Bartholomew’s Hospitals. It was here that he actually developed a special interest in Pain Medicine.

As the next step, he enrolled for higher specialist training in West London. Here he held posts of great repute, which included being a Specialist Registrar in Pain Medicine and Anesthesia at St Mary’s, Central Middlesex, Chelsea and Westminster and Charring Cross Hospitals.

Dr. Jenner completed his Fellowship in Pain Medicine at The Royal Marsden Hospital, London.

Essentially Medical

Dr. Christopher Jenner, Medical Director, London Pain Clinic also has a claim to fame by being a member of Essentially Medical as a specialist in Pain Management and related subjects.

Essentially Medical is a company providing expert medical speakers to groups of General Practitioners in their own practices. Through the services, the company aims to keep the practitioners update on current specialist medical subjects. Essentially Medical forms a part of the General Practioners CEPD (Continuing Education and Professional Development).

All the speakers at Essentially Medical are the chosen experts in their field of specialization and address the General Practioners local to their area. The team comprises of a creditable list of Medical and Surgical Consultants who are the members of Essentially Medical.

Dr. Jenner – Field of Education

In addition to his expertise in the field of pain management and treatments, Dr. Jenner also developed a special interest in medical education. He has been extensively involved in exam preparation and viva practice throughout his career.

As a Consultant in Pain Medicine at the St. Mary’s Hospital NHS Trusts, Dr. Christopher Jenner has regularly taught the following:

General Practioners Trainee Hospital Doctors Medical Students

As a part of his endeavors in his field, he has extensively helped with individual preparation of interview candidates, from PHRO to Consultant level. The services include teaching information asked at an interview, one-on-one intensive interview practice and CV optimization.