London Pain Clinic: The Philosophy Behind Pain Clinics

London Pain Clinic: The Philosophy Behind Pain Clinics

Although pain clinics are available all over the country, at London Pain Clinic, we believe that the various pain clinics that we run, including our online pain clinic, offer patients not just an opportunity to greatly reduce their pain levels, but to dramatically improve their quality of life. And how do we achieve this? Well it is not only down to our holistic approach, but also our unique and understanding philosophy.

Psychological Implications Of Living With Pain

Patients often relate that until they experienced significant levels of pain over a long period, they had no idea what living with a painful condition was like. We all know someone who loves with pain, whether that is a friend or family member or even a work colleague. But usually we don’t think too much about their life and how they manage until we actually experience pain ourselves and then we can suddenly find that where once we had little understanding, we now have all too much awareness!

When you live in pain, you find that the pain is incessant, ever present, no respite or let up and even though painkillers can be taken, there may still be no relief.

This wears people down: even the most strong minded of people. It can be hard to concentrate, hard to think, hard to smile or even to have a good quality of life.

Sometimes patients find that if a medication or procedure does bring pain relief, they don’t feel overjoyed: they simply start to worry about when the effect will wear off and they find themselves in pain again.

So it is little wonder that depression and anxiety are often the natural bedfellows when someone has a painful condition and we understand this exceptionally well.

Quality Of Life Issues:

Quality of life issues may not sound that important, but combined with the psychological effects of living with a pain condition, they can have a huge impact. You cannot take a holiday from pain, so there is no respite. You often cannot plan a holiday or even an evening out, because you do not know if the pain will be manageable tonight, let alone in a week or a month’s time.

This can affect relationships because you are both suffering the effect of pain. You may also find it difficult not to be snappy or short tempered because you find it hard to control the pain, so life is far from perfect and we are aware of how pain can limit the life people are able to lead.

London Pain Clinic’ Approach

At London Pain Clinic, we are not only experts in our field, but we see beyond the pain ‘problem’ to see the whole person. We have a holistic approach to pain, so that we will look at you as an individual and see just how the pain is affecting you as a unique human being.

We also can take the time and trouble to build up solid and trusting relationships, so that we can build a rapport with our patients and they feel more comfortable telling us information that to them may seem immaterial, but which can help expedite positive outcomes so that we can ensure that the problem of pain is eradicated as quickly as possible.

In addition we not only have the finest and most current diagnostic tools and equipment available within the UK, we also look at complementary medicine where we feel it is appropriate.