Sacroiliitis is severe, intense pain that originates from the sacroiliac joints; the large joints located at the base of the spine.

Sacroiliitis can also give rise to pain from your buttocks and hips when the pain intensity increases after climbing stairs, standing or sitting. It can even become very painful just rolling over in bed. You may experience a severe reduction in your mobility, making walking and standing an ordeal.

Diagnosis for sacroiliitis

Sacroiliitis is due to inflammation of the sacroiliac joint. It can be a difficult condition to diagnose as it is often mistaken for ‘normal’ lower back pain. If you continue to suffer with the daily pains caused by this condition, it is time to seek expert help. At the London Pain Clinic we can offer you:

  • A full assessment with one of our expert pain doctors
  • A full medical history
  • A complete physical examination
  • State of the art high resolution MRI scanning to pinpoint the exact cause of your pain
  • Our trusted second opinion service.

Treatment for sacroiliitis

Effective treatment for your sacroiliitis can only be achieved once an accurate assessment of your symptoms has been made. Sacroiliitis has been found to be a component of several forms of arthritis including osteoarthritis, reactive arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis and some other inflammatory conditions. Once one of our specialist doctors determines the underlying cause of your pain, they will create a treatment plan. At the London Pain Clinic we provide:

  • A full explanation of your pain
  • An individual treatment plan
  • The latest medical treatments including analgesic, anti-inflammatory and disease modifying anti-rheumatic medication
  • X ray guided sacroiliac joint blocks
  • X ray guided sacroiliac joint radiofrequency denervation (RF) treatment
  • Surgical consultation, if indicated.

Expert diagnosis is the gateway to an effective treatment plan. At the London Pain Clinic, we have many years of experience in delivering relief to patients suffering with sacroiliitis. To begin your recovery with us, please call us 020 7118 0250 or email the London Pain Clinic today.