Second Opinion Service From London Pain Clinic

Second Opinion Service From London Pain Clinic

Living with a painful condition is far from easy. Pain can often dominate someone’s life and it is not only deeply distressing for the patient, but there can be all sorts of associated problems, ranging from lack of sleep to difficulty working or concentrating.

It can often be difficult to live a normal life. It is even difficult to plan a trip out because you do not know whether or not your pain will be manageable on the day you want to go out and holidays can become a dim and distant memory.

In turn this can lead to feelings of anxiety and depression. You may even feel isolated as you cut yourself off from social events.

There is also a knock on effect for your family and loved ones. It can be almost impossible to remain upbeat and cheery when you are suffering with chronic pain and it is often very difficult for family and friends to really understand how you feel.

So if you are suffering with pain that is resisting treatment, then perhaps you should consider a second opinion. If it gets your life back to normal then it will certainly have been a worthwhile exercise!

Chronic Pain Specialists:

Whilst all pain specialists are highly trained professionals who are well aware of any potential medical condition that you may have and the best treatments for the condition, there is no reason why you should not seek a second opinion from London Pain Clinic. We are undoubtedly leaders in the treatment of chronic pain conditions.

As a multi-disciplinary team, we are able to offer a more comprehensive assessment of pain than most other clinics and when it comes to managing a painful condition it is always best to have as many disciplines involved as possible.

Confirmation of Diagnosis

Patients sometimes feel that a second opinion will always find something different and that the prognosis received will be different from a different clinician. However, this is often not the case.

Often the second opinion service will simply confirm the diagnosis, although often it may be different. But where a second opinion service can be useful can be with regard to the treatment options that should be considered.

Multi-Faceted Treatment Options

If your diagnosis was made in the NHS, then it may well be that due to financial constraints, treatment options may not be as varied, which is why a second opinion can help suggest other treatment options.

If you have healthcare insurance then a second opinion may be viewed positively. If your pain is resisting treatment thus far, a second opinion may be able to suggest other treatments that will facilitate the reduction of pain and therefore ensure that treatment is less lengthy.

Although there can be no ‘guarantees’ when it comes to alleviating pain, London Pain Clinic Second Opinion Service can offer the most expert opinion with our primary aim being to eradicate pain and our secondary aim being to enable patients to get their lives back again!