Online Consultations with London Pain Clinic. Terms and Conditions



Online Consultations with London Pain Clinic. Terms and Conditions

Online Consultation Service Provided

In an effort to assist the many overseas enquiries the London Pain Clinic receives, an on line consultation service has been set up to benefit those patients who are unable to travel to attend a consultation in London. Our team consists of highly skilled specialists and we offer a holistic approach to the management of pain.

Please complete the form fully, providing as much information as possible to allow a more accurate picture, thus enabling the London Pain Clinic to provide as concise a report as possible. You should receive a report back within 5 working days. However, if your case is more complex, we may require longer in order to allow us to consult with other medical professionals regarding your case.

The on line consultation service is designed to act purely as a guide and does not replace a full examination and/or face to face consultation. Therefore, London Pain Clinic accepts no responsibility for information/advice given in relation to inaccurate, incomplete or incorrect information provided.

Payment for Online Consultations

A fee of £195-00 (pounds sterling) is payable prior to any information/advice being provided. Please use the on line payment facility prior to submitting your completed questionnaire.

Confidentiality of Online Consultations

All personal details are held under the registration of the Data Protection Act of 1998.

Confidential information shall not, other than in connection with the care and treatment of patients, be passed on to any third party, displayed, copied or used improperly.

At present completed assesments are e-mailed back to patients although there are plans for a secure service in the near future.

Agreement for Online Consultations with London Pain Clinic

This agreement is legally binding and no variation to these Terms and Conditions can be made otherwise than in writing and at the agreement of both parties.