A Different Approach to Medicolegal Services From London Pain Clinic

A Different Approach to Medicolegal Services From London Pain Clinic

As the leading pain management consultancy in the UK, London Pain Clinic has a wide variety of expertise in working in the field of Medicolegal Services. However, London Pain Clinic are also pleased to be able to offer a slightly different approach to pain medicolegal services, than many other pain consultancies and in essence, it is this difference that sets us apart and helps us stay ahead in our field!

As an organisation that treats over 90 different types of conditions that result in significant and substantial pain levels, we are firmly committed to ensuring that highly professional and expert assessments, reports and liaison is carried out to facilitate return to work for most of our clients, or in cases of litigation, that impartial and appropriate assessments are carried out.

London Pain Clinic are able to offer a really unique service, since we are not only able to substantially reduce a client’s experience of pain, but we are also experts in our field of managing pain.

Expert Judgements on Pain and its Effects

Our expertise means that we are able to identify the causes of pain and expertly assess its effects on the client as a whole person.

We are able to understand the debilitating nature of pain, how it can have hidden psychological implications and how it can effectively take over someone’s life, to the extent that they feel overwhelmed by pain and this has a knock on effect in terms of ability to work, relationships, feelings of self-worth etc.

But instead of simply assessing and reporting on levels of pain, we are then able to treat the causes of pain and ensure that the client can return to their ‘former’ life, able to work, manage their pain and function as effectively as ever.

Commitment to New Technology

In order to ensure that every client receives the assessment and treatment that is specifically tailored to meet their own, unique and individual requirements, London Pain Clinic constantly seek out data on new clinical trials, technological advances and pain management techniques. This helps ensure that our clients do not only have an expert assessment, but that they are then able to return to work and function ‘normally’.

Holistic Approach

Our team is comprised of all the disciplines required to enable our clients to have access to alternative treatments that can complement traditional pain management procedures to provide a well rounded service. These include Chinese Medicine and acupuncture and an alternative medicine therapist.

This rounded approach, seeking out the best ways to treat conditions helps to boost patients from a psychological point of view as well as treating their pain and this holistic approach is also taken with regard to medicolegal services: we see the patient as a whole person, not just as a ‘pain problem’. This sets our medicolegal services apart from other services that do not take such a holistic approach to clinical assessments or indeed medicolegal services as a whole.