The Use Of Targinact In The Treatment Of Severe Pain.

The Use Of Targinact In The Treatment Of Severe Pain

Many people are aware of the use of drugs such as morphine to relieve pain that is chronic and exceptionally severe. There is however, another drug that can be used to treat the symptoms of severe pain and that is targinact, which is a drug that many people are unaware of, because its use is not widespread, having only been recently introduced into the UK.

Targinact is effective and useful for treating back pain or osteoarthritis that can only be treated effectively by using opioid analgesics. (That is to say analgesics or painkillers that are derived from opiates). Thus traginact is not a medication that can be prescribed for all pain conditions.

How Does Targinact Work?

Targinact is a compound of two different ingredients, namely naloxene and oxycodone. The oxycodone is a very effective opioid painkiller whereas the naloxene is known as an opioid ‘antagonist’.

The opioid painkiller works by effectively tricking the brain into thinking that endorphins have been released. Endorphins are chemicals that not only reduce pain, but they are also known as ‘feel good’ chemicals.

Through its action of mimicking the release of endorphins, nerves send far fewer ‘pain signals’ to the brain, effectively reducing pain levels.

The naloxene is a way of ensuring that constipation is reduced in patients, therefore making the treatment very suitable for people who have experienced significant levels of constipation when taking opioid painkillers.

Constipation and Opioid Painkillers

One of the most uncomfortable side effects of using opioid painkillers such as morphine is the significant problem of constipation. Although it may not sound too debilitating, when the constipation is constant and severe, patients find that it can severely inhibit their quality of life.

Unfortunately this condition is really only treatable with laxatives, because the opioid painkiller actually slows down the way that the muscles in the intestines contract, so the constipation is not down to poor bowel function or poor diet, but a direct reaction to the painkiller.

Through introducing naloxene the problem of constipation is removed.

Are Patients Pleased With Targinact?

Early indications are that over 70% of people taking targinact are pleased with its efficacy and they also report good bowel function when taking this form of opioid analgesic.

Prolonged Release Function

Targinact is a medication that must be swallowed whole (i.e. not crushed. This is because the medicine releases over a 12 hour period and the opioid is released slowly into the bloodstream.

Patients take one dose in the morning and then another at night. The total daily dose is either 10 mg or 20 mg.

Is Targinact Suitable For Everyone With Back Pain Or Osteoarthritis?

Although this is a safe and effective medication, it is an opioid painkiller and it may not be suitable for people with underlying medical conditions. Your Pain Consultant will be the most expertly placed to advise on whether this treatment is suitable for you and your specific pain condition especially if you have other known medical issues.