Targinact And Morphine: A General Comparison

Targinact And Morphine: A General Comparison

There are some people who experience pain that is so debilitating that their lives are effectively blighted by pain. The pain refuses to respond to traditional pain relief treatment and surgery may not always be an option. For people who experience this kind of pain life becomes very difficult and there are associated or secondary problems with pain, such as anxiety, depression and low self esteem. There can also be feelings of ‘Why did this happen to me?’ or ‘Why has my life been ruined by this pain?’ For those patients life is exceptionally hard. It is also very difficult for other people to understand.

There is almost a feeling or assumption that all pain can be treated. After all we can put a man on the moon, so why can’t we treat all pain effectively?

The simple answer is that there are some pain conditions, caused by a variety of illnesses, diseases, injuries or traumas that simply refuse to go away.


In those cases, where all other treatments had been tried the only solution left was morphine. But morphine is a very potent drug and as such it comes with a legacy of contraindications that can also be hard to bear. For example, morphine can cause significant problems with bowel movements, so that patients do not just feel slightly constipated, but there can be real problems in keeping the bowels moving at all because the morphine actually causes contraction within bowel muscles.

Other side effects of morphine include respiratory depression (breathing problems), nausea, vomiting, and an increased tolerance, which can lead to needing a higher dose, as well as dependence and even addiction.

For many people experiencing severe and chronic pain, morphine is not a magic wand. It can ease the pain, but on the other hand, life is still less than perfect and there are still substantial side effects to be overcome.


Targinact is a medication that is not suitable for all people who are experiencing severe and chronic pain. Unfortunately its primary use is with regard to treating pain conditions such as osteoarthritis or some forms of back pain; but only if these conditions are responding to painkillers that are opiate based.

Targinact is also a powerful medication. Unlike morphine however, it does not have the same effect in terms of constipation (there may be some side effects that relate to the digestive tract, but there is not the same level of constipation).

Thus targinact may be a useful medication for people who find that constipation is simply unbearable with morphine. People who find that morphine generally ‘disagrees’ with them (of whom there are many) may also benefit from the use of targinact to treat their pain condition.

Like any drug that can kill pain, targinact is potent and so there may well be some side effects felt by people who take it, but anyone who cannot tolerate morphine very well, may well benefit from targinact.

Although mankind has indeed put a man on the moon, it will be some time before all pain conditions can be ‘cured’ or at least all pain removed. But now at least patients have an alternative to morphine, in the form of targinact.