Local skin irritation caused by Butrans Buprenorphine, successfully treated with Betamethasone.

Local skin irritation caused by Butrans Buprenorphine transdermal patch, successfully treated


I reviewed a 45 year old lady in the Pain Clinic, who is on Butrans Buprenorphine 10 mcg per hour transdermal patch. Unfortunately, she has had some problems with local skin irritation and she tried some Hydrocortisone 1% topical cream, which was applied to the area of the patch approximately 2 hours before application of the Butrans. Unfortunately, she tried this over a 6 week period but did not find it to be particularly helpful. She was then started on Betamethasone 0.1% preparation. This is a more potent topical steroid, which was used in the same way as the Hydrocortisone 1% topical cream.

Follow up

She was reviewed at approximately 12 weeks following the start of the higher potency steroid cream and it was found that there had been a dramatic reduction in her local allergic reaction to the Butrans patch. The treatment was therefore continued and she continued to get good pain relief as a result of the Butrans patch.