How to Treat Skin Rashes in Fibromyalgia

“If you have fibromyalgia, you may know exactly what it means to not feel comfortable in your own skin. Fibromyalgia pain seems to be intimately connected to your skin. The pain & discomfort felt in the skin are probably part of the pain ‘dis-regulation’ of fibromyalgia” [1] & a skin rash can easily develop

Some fibromyalgia suffers can feel their pain infiltrating their skin, thus rendering it ultrasensitive – even when it is just touched very lightly. – Therefore, positive action is needed to make things easier. To that end, you can try out the following skin care advice to see if it can help to ameliorate your situation.

Tips for Making Your Skin Less Sensitive

Number 1: Go Gentle

Never use a loofer, skin brush, exfoliator or abrasive scrub. Instead, shop for a fragrance-free sensitive cleanser and body wash, preferably ones with natural ingredients [1].

Number 2: Say Goodbye to Hot Water

While it may feel great, unfortunately, hot water has a very drying, harsh impact on the skin. To that end, only use lukewarm water and a soft cloth with a fragrance-free gentle natural cleanser or natural soap. Never scrub or rub your skin, and when you are drying your face and body off, use a super soft towel to pat your skin dry [1].

Number 3: Sunny Side Down

“Avoid excessive sun exposure & sunburns, which can be that much more painful in fibromyalgia patients” [1]

Be sure to restrict the amount of time you spend in the sun (particularly between the hours of 10am to 4pm); and always use (a sensitive skin) sun cream made with natural ingredients. The sun protection factor should be at least SPF 30 [1].

Number 4: Moisturise

As soon as you have taken a bath or shower, put on some fragrance-free sensitive skin moisturiser (preferably one with natural ingredients) right away. – This way, your damp skin will help to lock in moisture to your skin [1].

Number 5: Watch the Make-Up You Use

Lessen your use of, or change, certain products which may be irritating your skin. Only purchase ones that are designed for sensitive skin, as they are likely to have less harsh ingredients, and see if they make a positive difference.

Make an Appointment With a Pain Specialist

If your skin rash, pain or irritation, is ongoing; or if you feel changes in your skin, then the best course of action is to book an appointment with an experienced Pain Specialist who is known for treating patients with fibromyalgia. This can make all the difference, and in many cases, ameliorate the symptoms all together.

[1]. Vann, M. (2013). “Ways to Soothe Fibromyalgia Skin.” Everyday Health.