Exercises to Reduce The Risk of Developing Computer-Related Aches and Pains

Exercises to Reduce The Risk of Developing Computer-Related Aches and Pains


In the recent years, the excessive use of computers at workplaces has led to a spiraling in the work-related disorders. Research indicates that computer-related injuries account for almost 70% of occupational hazards in terms of injuries.

Experts suggest that exercises and stretches are the most effective means of avoiding such disorders and injuries, which result from excessive computer usage.

In this section, we’ve listed and explained the most effective set of exercises for the purpose.

Side to side turning

Purpose: This exercise aims at easing the tension in the neck area, along with providing an exercise for the eyes.


  • Rotate your head gently to the left and then to the right
  • Keep your eyes on the horizon, aiming your chin towards the shoulders
  • Consciously, try to focus your eyes on something in the distance
  • Repeat 5 times in sets of 5 each

Chin Tuck

Purpose: This particular exercise strengthens the area at the back of the neck.


  • Stand or sit up straight, keeping the head level and looking straight ahead
  • Put the index finger on your nose
  • Draw the head back gently from the finger
  • Keep your eyes looking forward, while your head moves backward
  • Hold for three seconds. Repeat.

Forward Press

Purpose: To ease the overall tension in the arms, finger and palms.


  • Interlock your fingers slowly, keeping the palms facing away from you
  • Press your palms away from your body
  • Gently stretch the forearm muscles, fingers and the muscles between the shoulder blades
  • Hold for 5 seconds. Repeat.

Stand Up

Purpose: This exercise basically exercises the entire body, especially easing the strain on the neck and back.


  • Place the heels of your hands into your lower back
  • Draw your elbows back and down
  • Keep your head and neck steady with the chin tucked in
  • Slowly arch your back and look into the ceiling. Repeat.

Shoulder Shrug

Purpose: This exercise helps relieve tension in the shoulder area. It should be ideally done at the first signs of tightness or tension in the shoulder or neck area.


  • Raise the top of the shoulders towards the ears, until you feel slight tension in your neck
  • Hold this tension for 3-5 seconds
  • Now, relax your shoulders downwards into their normal position
  • Repeat thrice

Elbow Flare or Executive Stretch

Purpose: This is basically an exercise for the elbows and also easing the overall tension.


  • Place your hands behind your neck in a loose grasp
  • Keep your head and neck tall
  • Squeeze below the shoulder blades, taking the elbows back
  • Hold for 5 seconds.
  • Repeat thrice.

Other exercises for the purpose include:

  • Torso stretch
  • Seated March
  • Cable Stretch
  • Foot rotation