Clinical trials for analgesic medication (painkillers) in London




Would you like to participate in clinical trials for patients with painful conditions?


University College London’s Analgesia Centre (UCLAC) is a research unit which performs clinical trials on the latest analgesic medications (painkillers). There is a dedicated facility at the Eastman Dental Institute with a full-time staff of researchers. The unit has wide experience in conducting clinical trials in a number of different acute and chronic pain indications including:

· Acute post operative dental pain (third molar extraction model)

· Mouth ulcer pain

· Post herpetic neuralgia

· Diabetic neuropathy

· Peripheral nerve injury

· Mixed neuropathic pain

· Myofacial pain syndrome (fibromyalgia)

· Osteoarthritis

· Low back pain

· Dysmenorrhoea

· Migraine

Every clinical trial for analgesic medication (painkillers) is unique, therefore the requirements for who can volunteer for these trials may differ. However, in general, volunteers need to be healthy male or female, aged 18-45 years, living within easy travelling distance of Central London . Volunteers need to be registered with a GP and provide photographic ID.

All volunteers are reimbursed for their time, travel and expenses.