Dr Chris Jenner joins Essentially Medical





Dr Chris Jenner, Medical Director of London Pain Clinic, joins Essentially Medical.

Essentially Medical is a company that provides expert medical speakers to groups of General Practitioners in their own practices, to keep them up to date on current specialist medical subjects, forming part of a General Practitioners CEPD (Continuing Education and Professional Development).

The speakers from Essentally Medical are all chosen experts in their field of medicine and speak to General Practitioners who are local to them.

Dr Jenner has been invited to join to speak to General Practioners about Pain Management and related subjects. He joins an impressive list of Medical and Surgical Consultants who work with Essentially Medical.

Dr Jenner has a passion for teaching and training other medical staff and has regularly taught General Practioners, Trainee Hospital Doctors and Medical Students in his role as a Consultant in Pain Medicine at St Marys Hospital NHS Trust, a top London Teaching hospital.