What are Some of the Causes of Lower Back Pain?

“Back pain can range from a muscle aching to a shooting, burning or stabbing sensation. In addition, the pain may radiate down your leg or worsen with bending, twisting, lifting, standing or walking” [1] – If you experience any of these symptoms, book an online or in-person consultation with an Experienced Pain Specialist as soon as possible

Symptoms to Look Out For

Back pain is so widespread, that it is a leading cause of disability, and one of the main reasons why those affected have to visit a Pain Specialist, or miss work. There is a broad spectrum of symptoms connected to back pain, with the main ones being muscle aches, and the feeling of abnormal sensations, such as stabbing, burning, or shooting pains. Furthermore, the pain that is being generated from the back, can radiate down the leg, or be exacerbated by walking, standing, lifting, twisting or bending [1].

So When Should I Book an Appointment With a Pain Specialist?

In order to stop the pain, and try to prevent any permanent damage, contact an Experienced Pain Doctor if you are still experiencing pain after the three week mark.- Unless of course, the pain is excruciating right from the get-go, in which case, you should see a Pain Specialist immediately.

See a Pain Consultant if you have any/or a combination of the following:

•If the pain radiates down one or both legs (particularly if the pain continues under your knee)
•If the pain is associated with inexplicable weight loss
•If the pain generates weakness, tingling or numbness, in either one or both legs [1]

Note: in a small percentage of cases, pain in the back could denote a serious medical issue. To that end, contact an Experienced Pain Specialist as a matter of emergency, if you back pain:

•Comes with a fever
•Generates new bladder or bowel issues
•Or comes after you have had a blow to your back, a fall, or other type of injury [1].

The Main Causes of Back Pain

•Strained muscles or ligaments
•Ruptured or bulging disks
•Osteoporosis: if your bones become brittle and porous, then the vertebrae in the spine can cause fractures. – These can be very painful
•Osteoarthritis: this form of arthritis can seriously impact the lower back, and in some instances, spinal arthritis can lead to a condition known as spinal stenosis (this is the narrowing of the space around the spinal cord) [1].


[1]. Mayo Clinic (2020). “Back Pain.”