Is Working From Home Causing Me Back Pain?

During lockdown millions of us were suddenly forced to work from our homes.
These unfamiliar work stations inevitably put a strain on our body.
Half of those who responded to a survey, reported new aches & pains: 58% in the neck, 56% in the shoulder & 55% in the back [1]

Is Your Lockdown Back Pain Still Affecting You?

The continual lockdown meant that a large portion of the population was forced to spend hours on end, day in and day out, working from a makeshift work station. – The latter would likely entail using a chair and table that were not designed for this function. – After all, how many people’s homes actually have an ergonomically designed chair, or suitable table that is just the right height?

So, to that end, there is no doubt that, as a result of these set-ups, people of all ages put a strain on their bodies. – Indeed: “according to a recent survey by the Institute of Employment Studies, there has been a ‘significant increase in musculoskeletal complaints’ in lockdown” [1]. And while lockdown is dwindling, many employees have now been asked to work from home permanently, be it two or three days a week, or the entire working week. So that end, organising a healthy work station is paramount, as in some cases, is visiting a Pain Specialist.

Tips For A Healthy Work Station

  • Ensure that you back is supported
  • Have an adjustable chair
  • Make sure that your feet are relaxed and can rest on the floor
  • Position your screen at eye level
  • Keep your keyboard directly in front of you
  • And keep your mouse near your keyboard

On top of the aforementioned, get into the swing of stopping work for a five minutes every half an hour. During this micro break, you can walk into another room, go out to the garden, and so on [1]. – And this is not just a great break for your back, legs, arms and shoulders, it will benefit your eyes as well!

When To See A Pain Specialist

Seeing an experienced medical Pain Specialist is of paramount importance if you are suffering from back pain due to lockdown. – This back pain may be due to working from home, or even sitting down all day and evening in front of the TV, simply because you do not have any work. And besides all the aches and pains which derive from back pain; and in the case of some sufferers, not being able to sleep well; did you know that even mild back pain can affect our mental health? So if this sounds like you, do not delay, and get yourself an appointment with a Pain Specialist. He/she will give you a holistic personalised program to get you back on track, and feeling on top of the world again, all ready for post-lockdown.


[1]. Atkinson, L. (2012). “Has working from home given us all back ache?” Daily Mail