Back Pain During Pregnancy

“Back pain during pregnancy is a common complaint & it’s no wonder! – You’re gaining weight, your centre of gravity changes, & your hormones are relaxing the ligaments in the joints of your pelvis” [1]. So this is why it’s so important to visit an experienced Pain Specialist
In fact: “some studies estimate that around two-thirds of pregnant women suffer from back pain in pregnancy. The weight of the baby in your abdomen tends to pull your lower spine forward, putting a strain on your lower back, potentially causing backache” [2]. Moreover, localized back pain can radiate out into the legs, thighs and buttocks, thereby imitating or generating symptoms of sciatica.

The Facts
Pelvic discomfort and back pain usually start to surface between month 5 and month 7 of a pregnancy; although, this could be as early as 4 to 16 weeks, with a small portion of expectant mums. -You may find that this pain is incessant, or that it reduces your overall functioning; impacts your sleep quality, or gets worse when you’re active. And although, generally speaking, such symptoms subside once you have given birth, one or more conditions may linger on, and become long-term issues. And that is why a visit to a Pain Specialist is essential, as they can help to stop the root cause, and try to prevent any potential degeneration. Of note: if you have had: multiple pregnancies; pre-existing lower back issues; or are in the older or younger age-groups, then you stand a greater chance of developing pregnancy-linked back pain.

What Sort of Symptoms Might I Experience?
There are a number of different symptoms. These include:
•Burning pain, or a sharp or dull ache in your lower back region
•One-sided pain in the left or right region of your mid-back, and/or lower back
•Foot drop: this means that when you are walking, you are unable to raise the front part of your foot
•Pain which radiates out to the back of your leg, your thigh, and in some instances, your foot. (This is on a close par with sciatica)

Could I Have Lower Back Pain When I Sleep or Lie Down?

The answer to this is “yes.” – This could be due to your expanding uterus, which generates pressure on the vena cava (a major blood vessel). – This in turn induces blood vessel congestion within your lumbar spine and pelvis.


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