Exploring the Efficacy of Acupuncture For Pain Relief

As a Pain Specialist will tell you: “a growing body of scientific literature provides strong evidence for the treatment efficacy of acupuncture for several medical conditions [including pain]. And although it’s premature to conclude that these findings are beyond question, the promise of being able to treat certain patients & achieve immediate palliative effects with virtually no side effects” [1], is promising. Moreover, it could be particularly beneficial if this method of therapeutics is added to the patient’s Personalised Treatment Plan, which is devised by the Pain Specialist

The Low-Down on Pain

Pain can be described as: an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience which is connected to potential or actual tissue damage. Individuals of all ages and ethnicities are affected, and to that end, it is a huge issue affecting every aspect of people’s lives. – An issue which people often give up on, as if they go to see their GP (usually after a long wait), the only solution they may be offered is medication. – This is a far cry from all the conventional and cutting-edge treatment, pain blocks, and therapy options, that are offered by a Pain Doctor.

What the Research Says About Acupuncture

“The effectiveness of acupuncture for pain management has been strongly verified by large randomized controlled trials (RCTs) & meta-analyses. Increasing numbers of patients with pain have accepted acupuncture treatment worldwide” [2]

With regards to managing pain, a substantial number of scientific studies have demonstrated that: “acupuncture effectively treats pain, and is a reasonable referral option” [2]. Furthermore, over the last thirty or so years, this long-standing system of therapeutics has quickly developed, and thus become a solid part of the West’s mainstream medicine.

Booking an Online or In-Person Appointment With a Pain Consultant

If are suddenly suffering from any form of pain, the most important thing to do, is to get an accurate diagnosis as soon as possible. During your consultation, your Pain Doctor will review your medical history, arrange for any necessary tests and scans, and ask you a number of pertinent questions. To that end, compiling a daily ‘Pain Dairy’ (with 24 hourly entry sections), is an excellent tool. – This way, you can show it to your Pain Doctor right from the get-go, and continue to use it to show the changes in how you are feeling when you are on your Personalised Treatment Plan.


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