Case Management

Since 2004, the London Pain Clinic has provided expert Pain Medicine services to Case Management clients. We providing Pain Medicine solutions for numerous clients and have extensive experience in working with Case Managers and Case Management organisations. London Pain Clinic cares for many clients for whom pain is a barrier to rehabilitation. We offer a full assessment and treatment service. London Pain Clinic treat over 90 painful conditions including musculoskeletal pain, neuropathic (nerve) pain and complex pain, including lower back pain, whiplash injuries, complex regional pain syndrome, post-amputation pain and other peripheral neuropathic pains. A number of our clients have co-morbidities including head injuries and mobility issues.

Multidisciplinary approach to the treatment of pain

Clients with pain are best treated using a multimodal, multidisciplinary approach, utilising a range of:

  • Analgesic Medication
  • Minimally invasive pain management procedures
  • Physiotherapy based rehabilitation
  • Clinical pain psychology
  • Advanced pain management procedures

Pain Free Window enabling Rehabilitation

Our treatment techniques offer a pain free window for clients, allowing them to become more active and engage fully in their physiotherapy based rehabilitation and return to work programmes.

Advanced Techniques London Pain Clinic have access to advanced pain management procedures including spinal cord stimulators and implantable intrathecal pumps for patients with severe refractory pain.

Extensive experience with Case Management cases

London Pain Clinic have extensive experience working with Case Managers since 2004 providing:

  • Case Management clinical assessments
  • Case Management treatment planning and treatment packages

Lectures and Presentations

London Pain Clinic lecture and present widely to Case Management professionals. We have run a number of lectures and interactive presentations for Case Managers both at their premises and also at external events.

Coordination of Casework

Janice Rose, Assistant Practice Manager, is the dedicated coordinator for all Case Managed patients. Janice offers seamless management of these patients’ assessment and treatment and ensures professional liaison with Case Managers, Solicitors and other third parties.

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